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HomeFax™ offers you information on previous claims made on the property in the past 3-5 years, such as water damage, wind damage, fire damage, lightning damage, hail damage and catastrophic losses.
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The FREE HomeFax™ Report and Competitive Rate Quote can save you time, money and headaches.

Here's why:

Insurance companies won't pay out for claims that have been previously filed and paid for, that's why you need a claims history for any property you intend to purchase. That means if the seller received an insurance pay out, hid the damage and pocketed the money, you won't be eligible for payment to repair that damage.

Having that information BEFORE you buy can give you greater negotiating power.

Letting you laser-focus your home inspection and prevent the surprise of later finding evidence of undisclosed water back-up, fire, roof, frozen pipe and wind damage that you must pay for yourself to repair.

Home insurance is required at closing. By getting competitive rate quotes now, you can be prepared for your close. We will work with you, your real estate agent, mortgage loan officer and settlement officer so there are no insurance surprises that delay your move or cause you to scramble or make hasty decisions at the time of the close.

Lower insurance premiums can help you qualify for the home you love and a claims history on the property can help put lenders at ease. We can save you money by individually shopping up to 10 carriers for the best rates for just the right coverage so you are neither over nor under insured.


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